Project 2 Introduction

Hello and welcome to another project introduction. This time I am undertaking a very different project with some new people. Connor Arthur, Nathan Clements and I have planned to create a 3 track EP that is purely sample based. Our plan is to record samples from 3 different objects and use only these samples to create the 3 tracks. The objects that we have decided on are a car, a loaf of bread and a cigar box guitar. Each of the tracks will be created from one of these three items; track 1 – car samples, track 2 – load of bread samples and track 3 – cigar box samples.

One creator that inspired this EP was Andrew Huang. Andrew creates many YouTube videos on a variety of musical topics. Some of his most popular videos are of him creating tracks in the same way that we plan to. Below is an example video of him making a track out of various sounds from a radiator.

We aim to achieve a product very similar to this.

There are a few different ways that we could utilise the basic tools present in Ableton to be able to create many different sounds for a track. The first is basic sampling using Ableton’s native sampler. It offers many different features that can be used to manipulate sound. For example, attack, decay, sustain, release, volume, loop time, pitch and velocity. The next way that we could manipulate samples is through Ableton’s basic sample editing functionality. This offers the ability to warp and stretch samples, change pitch, gain and fade, change loop positions and loop lengths. A third way that we plan on manipulating the samples is through a wavetable synthesiser, such as Xfer’s Serum. Serum offers the ability to create wavetable out of samples, which can then be used as oscillators in a synthesiser. Below is a short demonstration of how this works.

Using all of these methods, we plan to create 3 very interesting and unique tracks.





I spent a year recording radiators to make music. (2017).

Xfer Records Serum Tutorial 18 – Importing Wavetables. (2017).


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