Teamwork is an extremely important part of group projects and is used extensively in everyday life. Group work relies heavily on the ability for group members to be able to work together and do so efficiently. If this is not achieved, there is a high chance that the project will run into issues or even fail completely. There are a few aspects that one must be able to do when working with others to help a project run smoothly. The first of these is communication. Communication is the most important part of working as a team and if it is done correctly, can make the overall project a whole lot easier. The next important thing to do when working as a team is to define roles and responsibilities. This is essential to the success of the group. Writing down and defining each team members responsibilities means that they will be able to focus on individual jobs which will end up contributing to the overall project. If this is also done correctly, it can help to streamline the creative process which will return a better end result and make the process run smoother. The next part of working in a team is to build trust amongst the members. This helps to strengthen the working relationship between the group which makes working with each other much easier. When all of these different parts of teamwork are combined, they can greatly improve the quality, workability and efficiency of a group project and make the overall experience much less stressful.


During my first project, all of us in the group used this framework for teamwork to help the project run as smoothly as possible. Firstly, the use of communication between all of the team members was exceptional as we were always in constant contact; whether that be over Facebook, email or in person. We would all know what was going on at all times and this ultimately helped us complete our project goals ahead of time. The next thing that we implemented was to define our roles within the group. We did this based off each of our strengths and also used this to learn some skills from each other. For this project we decided that Carter would be the instrumentalist as he has experience with playing guitar and bass, I would be operating Ableton as I have experience with DAW operation and Connor was in charge of documentation. As a group, we all contributed creative input into the writing part of the project and in turn shared our knowledge with each other. The trust side of working as a team was also easy for the three of us as we have become quite close friends and ultimately trust each others decisions and creative input. With all of these things combined, we found the whole project ran smoothly and the final product was of good quality.


For the second project that we are currently working on, Connor, Nathan and I have been working to also implement these important aspects of teamwork. So far our communication has been really solid, with us keep in constant communication over Facebook, email, in person and through Splice. We have chosen to utilise the features of Splice as it enables us to work on the creative side of the project while we are all at home and gives us the ability to share and comment on each others adaptations of the track. As for defining group roles and responsibilities, we have undertaken similar roles to the first project, however it has become a lot less separated due to the improvement of all our music making skills. Nathan has been the main instrumentalist for the aspects that have needed it, we have all been sharing the Ableton workload though our collaborations on Splice and during our studio sessions. This has helped the creative aspect of our project as the creative input from all of us has been a lot better than just one person. We also have a good level of trust in each other and the combined abilities of the group. This has also helped the overall processes of this project.





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