Side Project 2: Heartland Foley

In addition to creating the theme for Heartland, Zoe also asked me to help with creating the audio assets for the game. Below is a list of the assets that the game student requested and how we had originally planned to record each of them.

table+of+soudns.pngImage from zevsounds


In the end, we mostly used a Zoom H1 recorder, which has a built-in XY polar pattern microphone and has the ability to record in 24bit/96kHz wav, giving us a high quality signal. We used this to capture all of the environment sounds, as well as utilised some samples we had both previously recorded. For each of the sounds, we walked around and recorded various different things. Some of which were actual samples of the item and others were an attempt to emulate some of the sounds. We decided to emulate some sounds as we were unable to capture some specific things. To capture the walking in grass, mud steps and the bridge steps, we went and captured individual footsteps on these materials. We captured around 5 different sounding steps for each so that the game students could have a few different samples to use which would create some variation for their project. For the ambience and river sounds, we used some samples that I had previous captured at Mount Tambourine. We chose to use these as they were high quality, readily available and we found it difficult to capture these with the resources available. With the harvesting grain, fence fixing and feeding cow samples, we recorded some different sounds that could be used to emulate what the game students wanted. The harvesting grain sample was taken from me hitting some long grass with my hand, the fence fixing sample was created from me hitting a piece of wood with a stick and the feeding cow samples was captured from pouring cat food into a bowl. After collecting all of these sounds, we took the samples into Ableton and trimmed all of them from start to finish so that we had each sample separated, rather than in one big audio file.


Below is a small clip of some of the samples.


Overall, I was very pleased with how the assets turned out and how well the recordings went. In terms of completing this project, I really enjoyed the new experience and the challenge of recording foley for a game. It is definitely something that I would like to get into and would like to try recording foley for film or animation or even for web design.


Zoom H1 Handy Recorder. (2017). Zoom. Retrieved 14 December 2017, from

Heartland: Sad Farm Game Update #2. (2017). z e v. Retrieved 14 December 2017, from


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