Game Collaboration Project Introduction



This blog post is just a quick little introduction for a collaboration project that I have had the opportunity of being a part of. A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to work with some game students to create a really audio driven game. The basic premise of the project was that we were to create some pieces of audio and the game students were to create a game around what we had made, rather than the other way around (which is what usually happens). My original idea was to create 4 tracks, each of which would represent different seasons. The game that I had originally thought of was sort of an open world exploration where the EP would play and the environment would change based on which season track would be played (so when the Spring track was played, the environment would shift to look like Spring). I also thought it would be good to have some in game interactions that were sort of based off of the season, so for example the player might interact with a tree during winter and snow begins to fall from the leaves.


I took this idea to the game students and pitched it to them to see what their thoughts were. After a week they had developed a counter pitch that changed the idea to what they thought was more reasonable with their abilities. They came back with quite an interesting but exciting take on each of the tracks. They wanted to create 4 seperate arcade style games that would represent each of the 4 tracks.


For Summer, they proposed a surfing style simulator where the player would be inside of a wave and could interact with fish and various other things. The music would also change how the environment looked based on what instrumentation was playing. For Spring, they proposed a forest walking simulator where the player would be able to walk around a thick rainforest and interact with other animals and plants. There would also be some obstacles that would make the game a bit challenging and the environment would also be changing based on the instrumentation present in the track. For Winter, they proposed a ice cave walking simulator where the player sort of has a free environment to explore and interact with various things inside of the ice cave. The further through the cave that they got, the more vivid and vibrant the environment would get. And finally, for Autumn, the propose a driving simulator where the player would be inside of a car that they could steer and also look around inside of and the basic purpose of the game is just to have a nice cruise down an overgrown mountain road. Various different objects would also change based on the instrumentation and how the player interacts with them.


Overall, I think that they counter pitch that they have developed seems like it will be enjoyable for a player to experience as well as reasonable for them to create. I look forward to seeing what they come up with!


Tracks for the project:



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